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West Virginia Ghosthunters!


DeSales Heights Academy Investigation
Moundsville State Penitentiary
Cabin #13 Investigation
Haunted Photographs
Great Ghostly Links!
Bruce Chapel Investigation
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Great Ghostly Links!


These are some of our favorite Sites:

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Check out our friends at West Virginia Ghosts! [click on their logo above] This is a fantastic looking website!

Our personal favorite, and one of the top Haunted Sites! "Prairie Ghosts" features hauntings all over the country, as well as a club you can join! Even a ghost hunters catalog! Be sure and check out the WV Hauntings page!

Another one of the best on the Net, The Shadowlands is guaranteed to scare the hell out of you. Check out Haunted West Virginia Places!

Willard Public Library Ghostcam!

This is the famous Willard Public Library in Evansville, Indiana! Watch a Live Camera record the ghost 24 hours a day. There are 2 different cams set up in the library.. for your viewing pleasure. Save pictures, report sightings, see what other people have seen.. and more!

On this website you can read stories and reports about the Supernatural, check out the latest new on ghosts/related topics! Be sure and read the story on the "Bell Witch," the only doccumented case of a spirit actually taking a human life.

The world famous Radio Host, shares his guests, stories, and pictures of the supernatural. These are the best pics on the web. CAUTION: Some of these photographs will put chills on you!

We will update most of these links on a monthly basis. Enjoy the links, and let us know your favorites.. we'll include them on the site!

Send Us Your Favorite Link!

There are literally hundreds of Ghost Hunting websites out there, try any search engine.. just type in "Ghost," "Paranormal," etc...The one we like is! It was tailor made for people like us, and even categorizes things of interest to you.

Other websites are another great source for links.. most websites have link pages. Most of the site masters spend a great deal of time on the web, searching for information... So, be sure to always check out links pages

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