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DeSales Heights Academy Investigation


Slamming Doors & Photographic Images
By: KC

There are many legends and ghosts that surround DeSales Heights Academy. There is a cemetary located next door to the school, and is home to many relatives of Andrew Jackson.. as well as the "Weeping Lady of the Cemetary," a nearly 75 year old cement statue rumored to have been seen "walking" the grounds of the cemetary (Shown at right). The main story is that a young boy, who was given shelter in the Academy, once took a gold cross from one of the preists. The boy died somehow, shortly after.. and the cross was never found. It is rumored to still be somewhere in the school. There have also been reports that the ghost of a priest has been seen periodically. Also, there are several nuns, reportedly, laid to rest in the basement.
During the investigation, the closest we came to face-to-face paranormal activity was the almost constant sound of slamming doors. One door opened and closed right in front of one of our video cameras.. yes, we got it on tape.
Although we didn't see any spirits at the school that day, our photographs showed otherwise:


In the upper left hand corner of the picture, in the 2nd window from the left.. you can see a figure floating in the window. It appears to be an image of a nun. (Note the black habit and cape surrounding an all white dress.)

One of the highlights of the tour of the house was a very old Italian Marble Alter.. found in the chapel. Although most of the house had been vandalized, littered, and covered with graffiti.. the alter stood above the room with hardly a scratch:


Note the vortex type image that appears on the left hand side of the alter. (No that isn't my butt in the bottom right hand corner.. it's B-Team member JC!

All in all, it was a great site to visit.. but other than the slamming doors (which might have been the wind) and the strange images in the pictures.. the day was pretty much un-eventful. Oh well, maybe next time!



"The Weeping Lady of the Cemetary." Some say this old statue has been known to stroll through the cemetary late at night. We're trying to locate a man who allegedly videotaped it one night.. keep checking back!


We found this beautiful, old gazebo out in back of the academy. Note the cross on top!


In case you wondered what it was like, to look down the long dark hallway of a real haunted house, Here is West Rear Corridor at DeSales Heights Academy! I'm I crazy to expect something to jump out at us at anytime?!

West Virginia Ghosthunters!