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Cabin #13 Investigation

Babcock State Park, West Virginia.

Our Investigation:

Tradgedy in The Mountains of WV
By K.C.


If you live in or near the State of West Virginia, you've probably seen the above mill on various calenders, this is my shot of the Glade Creek Grist Mill in Babcock State Park, less than a mile from where a brutal murder took place only a few years ago. It's hard to believe that such a horrible thing could happen in the midst of one of the most beautiful places in the country.


This is Cabin #13, where a Nitro Preacher allegedly murdered his wife in 1996. According to the Washington Post, the minister, was arrested and charged with murder after claiming that he and his wife had been attacked by a masked man. The police had found evidence that the minister was having an affair with a male member of his church, and little evidence of anyone else being at the cabin. This case set a legal precedence, in areas of Searching crime scenes without a warrant.


We received a report from someone via e-mail, that the woman's ghost had been spotted in and around Cabin #13. We did some research on other web sites, and interviewed some locals and found that apparently there had been some paranormal-type activity going on, so we went to the cabin to investigate. The picture above shows what appears to be ectoplasm, floating upwards on the porch. Although Jim C, who investigated this case with me, does occassionally smoke.. there were no cigarettes smoked near the cabin. The ectoplasm was not visible when the picture was taken.


Team member Jim C (above) adjusts a tape recorder used to record any low end sounds not audible to the human ear. The tapes have yet to be filtered, but look for the results soon. Interestingly enough, as we rounded the bend between cabins #12 and 13, a strange silence fell on the entire hollow. Preliminary auditioning of the audio tapes played not so much as bird chirping or plane engine overhead. We captured several shots of the ectoplasm and an bright blue orb, as well as a few strange images in windows on videotape. Although this investigation was last minute, and thrown together.. we feel that there may actually be something here that merits a second, more thorough study of the cabin and surrounding woods.


Another shot of the mill on the way out, shows what a beautiful place Babcock State Park is.. despite the terrible thing that happened less than 5 years ago.


All photographs takem by K.C. (3/10/01)